Playing Catch Up

I don’t know why I quit blogging. I don’t know why I quit writing. A lot of things have happened since May 2007, when I wrote the last entry to Wander Woman. For one thing, although GoDaddy had a valid credit card on file, and although I had signed up for automatic renewal of my domain, they didn’t charge my card, the reminder emails went into a bulk folder, and by the time I noticed a squatter had snapped up Fuckers. I hope they choke on it.

But, that’s no excuse. Let’s see, since May 2007, I:

  • got divorced (no big surprise there)
  • quit my press-release-writing ‘editor-in-chief’ job at Agoda
  • reported from Iraq during the hottest month of the ‘surge’ (July 2007)
  • fell in love
  • left Bangkok

Is that enough? What? You want details? OK. You’ll get them … eventually. I’ve kept up my usual insane amount of email correspondence with various friends and lovers, so WHEN I HAVE TIME, I promise to go back, reconstruct some date-appropriate posts, and get them up here. Oh, and I’ll try to fix the pictures, too.

But not today.

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