Rockin’ the Vote, Bangkok Style

So my absentee ballot, mailed 3 weeks ago, arrives from Missouri on Monday afternoon. Tuesday I take four taxis before I find one that understands “American Embassy” and rush during lunch to get my precious into a diplomatic pouch. After surrendering my mobiles and waiting (citizens services are open between 1:00 and 2:00 p.m.), I hand my ballot to a bored-looking Thai girl. She takes it as if she’s never seen one before, and says, “We’ll mail it for you.”

I spent yesterday squirming in meetings and rushing back to my computer to refresh the AP election results page. When I went to bed, we had the House but the Senate was still iffy. A text in the middle of the night let me know about Rummy. Bye, you warmongering draft-dodging neocon bastard.

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